i finally saw the ‘beats, rhymes & life’ ATCQ doc the other night, which is a great film on its’ own. it gave me flashbacks of my late teens and early 20’s  and it got me thinking about the 90’s nostalgia wave that we’re experiencing now (as is the course of things).

?uestlove mentioned a date in the film: september 1993: midnight marauders and enter the 36 chambers were released, the date that he says the last great hip hop records of that era were released. i was working at long john silver’s when it came out, and you had two options in the kitchen: 36 chambers or midnight marauders. i chose midnight marauders. it’s still one of my favorite albums bar none.

i don’t get any more nostalgic for the 90’s culture than i do any other time. music wasn’t any better then-it was just as novel, shitty and awesome as it is now. just like today, proportionally there was just as much crap then as there was quality. for every soundgarden there was a candlebox, and likewise with tribe (god knows a lot the g-funk shit released in that era is pretty close to candlebox level pointlessness). tribe was just new to me, like a lot of music today is new to those who discover it.

at the time, i’m sure some dude was probably busting on tribe for sampling milt jackson and ronnie foster. but tribe was truly great and unique for its’ time in an era that was bursting with great LPs from future hip hop heroes, and the way that album wove itself into the mixtapes & experiences i had around that time is what i feel a fondness for.

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